Haitian Woman Die Inside American Airlines Plane

There has been may complaints about 's Service to Haiti

but this one is beyond repair.

A Haitian woman died inside an flight from Haiti to New York
due to the carelessness of American Airlines and it's crew
towards Haitian passengers.

The Haitian lady begged for some oxygen and twice the flight attendant said NO.

To make it worse, when the flight attendant finally decided to help
the poor and dying Haitian woman by supplying her with some
much needed oxygen, guess what?

The Oxygen tanks were empty!
She died.

This is the kind of service we, as Haitian travelers, are getting from
American Airlines, an airline company that seems to have a monopoly in Haiti.

Apparently, American Airlines does not take the life of a Haitian passenger seriously.

What are you going to do about it?

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Go to to Voice your opinion about American Airlines and all the other Airlines that travel to Haiti.

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