Haitian Singer Luck Mervil To Build a 900 Shipping-Container Village In Haiti

Remember back in March I wrote an article suggesting the use of shipping container homes in Haiti? Well... This is exactly Haitian Canadian musician Luck Mervil has in mind. I have some info about his new project.

inhabitat.com reports, Luck Mervil is leading the charge to help rebuild Haiti with houses made from repurposed shipping containers.

Through a new Montreal organization called Vilaj Vilaj, Luck Mervil plans to use 900 retrofitted shipping containers to construct a new village in Haiti, big enough to house 5,000 people but there's more... Keep on reading...

This new village will be erected on a parcel of previously uninhabited land near Leogane Haiti.

Remember? Leogane was the hardest hit by the earthquake.

As a matter of fact, Leogane was at the epicenter of the January 12 Haiti earthquake. 80 to 90% of all the buildings in Leogane were damaged by the earthquake.

Here is a clip from the article:

The village will consist of a series of 900 shipping containers grouped together in a grid and separated by open space, parks, and playing fields.

Both 40 and 20-foot containers will be used to construct durable, long-term and hurricane and earthquake resistant homes.

Each home will offer roughly 320 sq feet of living space with running water and bathrooms.

The village will also be self-sufficient, with space for companies to set up shop so that villagers can work and support themselves.

Read the full article, click on Pop-Up Village for Haiti Made From 900 Shipping Containers

The project will cost about $25 million, Luck Mervil decided to put his career on hold, the article says, and has been ardently working to raise the funds to make it a realty.

We certainly hope that this project bears fruit.

What do you think?

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Noel says...

God already had mercy for us, Yes He did that reason were excited throught Jesus

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Judith Jolicoeur says...

I'm with you, I want to know more about this and how can my group help. Please keep me post. I'll also forward this email to everyone that I know that been looking for a good project to help

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Jackson says...

A very worthwhile project, I hope that they are able to get this off the drawing board.

If any of your readers are interested there is 2 hours of free information about how to build your own container home at this

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Timote says...

OH!!No need for AC.Let's see something more sustainable.What if trees are planted around each family compound?I m telling you people will be onfortable and live with less environmental risks.Just each project beneficiary plants 5 trees around his building.Who can help on that?Contact me at timote at

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Miggy says...

I'd prefer to have these containers than these tents made out teared of dirty sheets.

Common be appreciative now.
Thank you Luck Mervil.


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Mena Moreau says...

Super, tell us HOW we can participate to help make this project a reality.

Besides sending cash, I suggest a list of suggestions post, a list of people who can give sweat, expertise, knowledge, labor and

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Oxceva says...

Hmmmmm, m'pa konnen anpil sou kalite kay sa yo.Wi yo ka rezistan kont

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Will Smith says...

I am afraid these kind of housing project might create another slum worse than Cite Soleil.

Why do we have to build projects in Haiti like we are in the year 1600?

It's been said that Haiti is an impoverished country, but we are not that bad to put people in containers.

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