Haitian Screensavers


Haiti Screensavers

If you are a Sweet Micky fan, they just made a new addition to their web site.

Sweet Micky's own Screensaver

If you install it on your computer, you will see some pictures of "President of Compas"

This is a great idea, If you want to create a Haiti screensaver of your own, Download Screensaver How To Books here

NOTE: If you have Windows XP installed on your computer, it has a feature that creates a slide show on the screen. so if you have a collection of pictures in a folder already, simply right-click on the desktop, click properties, click screensaver, look in the list of screensavers for "My Picture Slideshow".

If your pictures are in any other directory than C:My Pictures, click on setting to changes it

Update: Since the release of this article, the sweet micky haiti screensaver site is no longer online.

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