Haitian movie night Sunday in Boynton Beach Florida

When was the last time you had a Haitian movie night? Haitian filmmaker Raynald Delerme has been busy creating some interesting Haitian movie entertainment nights for the community South florida.

Haitian movie night - Private Nurse - Caribbean restaurant Boynton Beach Florida

Private Nurse, a Haitian movie, will be playing at Caribbean restaurant in Boynton Beach Florida this Sunday, June 11th 2023. You can catch the first show at 6:00 pm. there will be a second showing at 8:00 pm.

Raynald Delerme is inviting everyone in the area to atend.

Last night, Saturday Night, Haitian movie Enfant Du Destin played the Casa Champetre in Miramar FL.

Haitian movie night - Enfant Du Destin movie

With everything going on in haiti, the Haitian filmmaker is trying his part to keep Haitian minds off of the negativity. Come out and bathe in Haitian culture. Come enjoy yourself for one night.

More to come about this Haitian movie Nights. Hopefully I'll have something to talk about because I have not been writing for the same reason. There is nothing positive to be said about Haiti right now.

was the viewing of Haitian movie and tonight this Sunday night, patience in Boynton Beach Florida will be able to enjoy the night out watching a Haitian movie on the big screen.

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