FLASH: Haitian Manhunt Happening in Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic

I want to bring to your attention a Haitian manhunt currently happening in the area of Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic. This Saturday, 22 Mar 2014, Haitians are in hiding in Las Matas... Many have escaped the area running for their lives into Haiti via Boc Banic and the Thomassique...

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic

The source of the problem according to witnesses:

According to audio interviews of Haitians who have escaped the area from a local Hinche Haiti radio station MEN FM here is the story that triggered this Haitian manhunt:

There was an altercation between a Haitian worker and a Dominican official, his boss, over 150 pesos Tuesday, 19 Mar 2014. The Haitian worker pulled out a machete to harm the boss, the Dominican official in return pulled out a gun and shot the Haitian worker 3 times.

They both died from their respective injuries.

Since the burial of Dominican official, Haitians have been in hiding and running their lives.

One Haitian woman called the Haitian radio MEN FM from Las Matas and said she was hiding for her life while her husband in in fact a Dominican.

Thomassique Haiti Mayor Marino Etienne was on the air to confirm the wave of Haitians re-entering Haiti via the Thomassique / Boc Banic border towns

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Dr1 says...

Funny...in your comment you have spanish word "Viva"...Why, tell mw why..?

say it in Creole or French specially when you say "Viva Haiti" Identity problems, You like the language, you like the other

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Dr1 says...

The other

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Bbb says...

what do the haitians

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Dr1 says...

We are not Brothers.

We are neighbors and as such we need to work with each other and try to benefit from that relationship...

Know the history, know what the Haitians want, and what they say belong to them. We have to protect that, and we

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Bbb says...

that does not mean that all Haitians should face punishment just because of

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Ricart says...

Gee, what are the chances a Dominican living in Haiti would be lynched if he dared to pull a machete and kill a Haitian official?


Yes, the Haitian was entitled to demand a remuneration for his work, but killing a government official in some foreign country is not the right way to demand payment.

That Haitian man endangered the lives of his fellow expats with his

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Darwindiaz says...

Haitian, and dominican are brothers, and like in the best families, has a problems, so I don't see any special, in this personal conflict, so don't tray toget a international conspiracy whit this

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Priscilla Coquillon says...

This looks like a rise or an opportunity any opportunity the Dominican Republic is looking for war. First of all the boss should not have been withholding payments, this is probably not the first time it has happened.

Since, the sentencia, haitians already did not have value for their work. Now, have lost even more value due to this ruling.

So some Dominicans have been taking advantage of withholding payments.

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Marie Salomon says...

We need to stop attacking others with machete.

Two wrong do not make it

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Valadano says...

fuck Dominican viva

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