Haiti Freedom Virus... The more I read my History...

When you're attacked by the 'Haiti Freedom Virus', there is no holding you back... It's 'Liberte Ou La Mort'

article by: Woodring Saint Preux

When I was going to school in haiti, I used to study 'Histoire D'Haiti" by heart only to spill what I learned on the desk of my teacher the following day.

In other words, I never studied to comprehend or to remeber.

Nowadays, I am realising how beautiful the history of Haiti realy is.

Now I am starting to understand why Haiti, as it aproaches it 200th aniversary, is still the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

  • There has always been someone in our business
  • Haiti was the first country in the America to abolish slavery...

Yes... slavery was officially forbidden in Haiti way before the cries for freedom was heard anywhere else.

No wonder nobody wanted to admit that there was a bunch of FREE BLACK PEOPLE running around untouchable!

Why did the United states decide NOT to regognize Haiti as a nation?

Because if they did, Martin Luther King would've read about slavery and segragation in history books.

Read this...

The United States joined the European colonial powers refusing to formally recognize Haiti's independence.

Why? Haiti was infected with the 'Freedom Virus' and the United States had slaves. What do you think would happen if Haiti infected the slaves of the United states?

Fact: In 1800, an american slave named Gabriel Prosser became the first slave revolution leader in the United States.

Why? Because he was infected with the Haitian Freedom Virus. He knew that the haitian slaves fought they white oppressors and were now "sippin on gin and juice, laid back!".

Here's the scoop: With the help of other slaves, especially Jack Bowler and George Smith, Prosser designed a scheme for a slave revolt.

They planned to seize control of Richmond, Virginia by slaying all whites (except for Methodists, Quakers, and Frenchmen) and then to establish a kingdom of Virginia with Prosser as king.

'Our policy with regard to Haiti is plain.
We never can acknowledge her independence.'
Robert V. Hayne, Senator of South Carolina

That's how deadly the Haitian Freedom virus was. I can understand why those in power would refuse to admit that there was a free black nation south of the border.

You think FUBU was a new word? We invented it... We were the inventor of the FIRST BLACK 'FUBU' NATION!

You should read up on this stuff... you will love it!

If you don't know where you came from, you will never know where you're going.

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Topic says...

ita a shame soooo many people are not aware of this cause the first back republic in the world should be recognise worldwide and should get word help cause we as hatians deserve world respect but we not getting it black folks in genaral are not up too speed on things only blacks can teach blacks waman should be in power less wars this artical was

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Topic says...

I applaud you for sharing this information with us. It drove me to learn more about Haiti's History.

I moved to the US at the age of 11. I remember reciting the lessons on Histoire D'Haiti.

We didn't have to understand it, just recite.

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Topic says...

I went to NY a couple of weeks ago and I was watching a Haitian TV Program called "Ambiance Dominicale".

One of the hosts was talking about the difference between Toussaint Louverture and Dessalines.

That's one of the things that inspired me to use Toussaint Louverture in the background of HaitianInternet.com

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Topic says...

This was in fact something I as a Haitian needed to know. I was born in the U.S but refuse not to learn where my people are from. I love to read these types of things to inform myself and others where I come from!! Thanks! Keep up the GREAT

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