The Haitian Folk Songs you grew up with, they are online!

I remember one Saturday afternoon, I was browsing the web looking for new Haitian sites; I stumbled upon this Haitian website with lots of Haitian folk songs and I started to sing away...

Believe me, it was one of the happiest afternoons I've had...

For about an hour, my wife sat on my lap and we were just singing way.

A bunch of lyrics to some the most popular songs we grew up with. We were singing so loud, the neighbors probably thought we were nuts.

If you grew up in Haiti, you have to remember this:

Zonbi Mannmannan wiwa
Kenbe ti poulèt pou mwen
Ti poulèt sove wiwa
Depi yè o swa wiwa
A la li sove wiwa
Depi yè o swa wiwa

You will find that and a whole lot more at the "Cahiers de Chants de Marie Therese"

Note: There are lots of Haitian Folk Songs CDs at

Update: Link to this resource is no longer available!

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Josette says...

good morning i have been loking for this songs for a long time is there a web site that i can go to get them or to order them why is it so difficult to find important things about hati the children today do not understand who or what is haiti i want to teach them especiclly in

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