Haitian Flag Day - Palm Bay Florida

The Haitian Community in Palm Bay, FL celebrated their first Haitian Flag Day today in Palm Hay, Florida.

Dieudone Larose was there, Eddy Francois was there, and Shleu Shleu was there as well.

They were a few other stars there and they really entertained the public.

It was a great event, We took lots of pictures.

I will let you know when the pictures are online. they will be available on www.Belpoz.com

For information about all the Haitian Music visit www.BelMizik.com

(Article Update: April 2009)

All the photos of Haitian flag day are posted on www.PalmbayHaiti.com

We also made some videos, here one of them...

(video not available)

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Veanna says...

The purchases I make are etnielry based on these

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Yeojung Yoon says...

Do you guys do any makeups or do you guys have any songs for that day?

Or do you have any more IMPORTANT information

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Yeojung Yoon says...

Thank yoou for answaring my question!!!
My music teacher said that we have to chose
any celebration for anything...

So but I still coudn't get the picture
maybe do you know where to find the pictures?


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Yeojung Yoon says...

What is a haitian flag day?

What do you guys do in haitian flag day?

and why do you guys do

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