Haitian businessman Roudolph Boulos sentenced to 6 months in prison

Haitian businessman and former Senator Roudolph Boulos has just been sentenced to 6 months in prison in relation to an old case of kidney failure linked to contaminated medicine that had claimed many lives in Haiti.

PHOTO: Roudolph Boulos, Haitian Businessman and Former Senator

Roudolph Boulos, the former senator, is also the CEO of PHARVAL laboratories, a company responsible for a sirup, Afbril and Valodon, intended for the treatment of the symptoms of flu and fever.

According to news reports, back in 1996, about a hundred children died because they consumed contaminated syrups Afbril and Valodon.

LoopHaiti has just reported Roudolph Boulos CEO of PHARVAL laboratories, will spend 6 months behind bars and will have to pay 3 millions gourdes to each victim.

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Rev Jean Gerard Rhau It's unfortunate to hear that a medicine has caused kidney failures in some people.The Boulos are good people, giving jobs to many people.
Reply · March 10 at 10:41 AM
Haiti Nouvelles L'homme d'affaires haitien et ancien sénateur Roudolph Boulos vient d'être condamné à 6 mois de prison pour un ancien cas... see more
Reply · March 09 at 12:43 PM

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