Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother, Part 2

Yep... Haitians ARE VERY superstitious! Did you read my story about The Butterfly And My Dead Grandmother? This is part 2... A True story about my little breakfast incident the morning after... Welcome to the Twilight Zone! LOL...

things that make you go hmmm

I woke up the morning after I got rid of the big ugly butterfly in the house and grapped a piece of bread to eat with my morning coffee. as I walked through the back porch, the bread fell out of my hands.

OK... No big deal right?

I picked up the bread like most Haitians would, "Soufle" the bread, you know... Fhhhhhh.. And I ate it... LOL...

About half an hour later, someone brought me my morning breakfast. I took my 'Ze ak Bannann' to the back porch. As a walk pass the same spot, the freakin food fell out of my hands!

What the...

As I stood there in shock wondering what am I going to eat for breakfast now, the old lady in the house says:

"Adjey.... Doudou... Se la wi ou te touye papiyon an ayè..."

As turned around and looked at her with the "HUHHH!" look in my face... Everybody started laughing...

"Se vre wi doudou," my little cousin says, "yo te di-w papiyon an se grann adrienne! LOL... ou pap manje jodi-a... LOL..."

Ala de koze papa... Everywhere on the planet, a butterfly is a butterfly but in Haiti... It could be my dead grandmother...

Do you share this belief of or do you believe it is another Haitian urban legends?
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Josy says...

We had a Black butterfly coming to our home when I was growing up, and my mother or grandma will kill it. The next day it will be back again in the same spot, and it was a huge butterfly four sizes of a regular butterfly.

It went on for years, and it was very bizarre.

Haitians are superstitious, and suspicious for good reasons.

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Turenne says...

As you're Haitian by nature, i'd suggest you to believe in what you see and hear about your culture my friend and be aware.

Pryé et

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Elipha Joseph says...

There's a possibility that it might be real...

you can't deny it...

you can only doubt it...

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Watlene says...

I should experience it to see it's true, my grandma passed away I doubt a butterfly could fly from haiti to florida or other states, I never like killing

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Marie says...

In Haiti you have to believe each culture and

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