Haitian Woman Alcima Fenelus, The Second Oldest Woman in the World?

A Haitian woman, Alcima Fenelus, may just be the second oldest woman in the world. Second to Misao Okawa, named the world's oldest woman by Guinness World Records. Both women are alive, both 114 years old, both born in 1898 but eight months apart...

Alcima Fenelus - One of the Oldest Women in the World, Lives in Haiti

Misao Okawa was born in Japan on March 5, 1898, and she celebrates her 115th birthday this month.

Alcima Fenelus was born in Jean-Rabel Haiti on November 8, 1898. As of today, she is 114 years and 177 days old. Alcima currently lives with her family at Bon-Repos...

When Alcima Fenelus was born, Tirésias Simon Sam was still president of Haiti.

When the United States occupation of Haiti began July 1915, Alcima Fenelus was 17 years old.

Can you believe this? A Haitian girl who was 17 years old during the U.S. Occupation of Haiti back in 1915 is still alive today to talk about it?

"Nobody was starving and life was good," Alcime explained to Le Nouvelliste. "We lived happy. People were more polite then and everyone respected oneanother."

She also noted that things had begun to change under the presidency of Dumarsais Estime.

"My mother has always been in good healh, "his daughter Lemancia Nelson told Le Nouvelliste, adding that his mother does not take any medication.

Another secret I got from reading the article about the life of Alcima Fenelus is that she seems to focus on the things that make her happy and tries to forget (not talk about) the things that make her sad, like

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Lorraine says...

what a blessing, God will keep going until she's ready to meet her maker My Grandmother was born in 1912 her mother she was told her mother died when she was 9yrsold I happen to meet a women Hattian same face of my Grandmother you never know your roots where its comming from. what a Blessing pleas take good care of

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Robert says...


I find it quite disappointing that people "assume" they know what the real situation is when in fact they do not. Aside from the fact that Cecilia Laurent lives in Canada (not Haiti) at the moment, we cannot assume that Haitians will be denied a record "because they are from Haiti".

All that matters is whether they have the documentary proof dating from near the time of birth.

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Robert says...


If the family of Ms. Fenelus has proof of birth for her case, please e-mail me at ryoung122 [at] yahoo.com.

Robert Young
Senior Database Administrator, Gerontology Research

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J Paul says...

Check out this link below please verify before posting anything because I don't really know the source
Mrs. Laurent migrated to Canada after the 2010 Monster earthquake.

one thing about it they will never honor a Haitian person as the oldest person

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John says...

Happy Birth day Alcima, wish you the best God bless you and keep you alive have a great day to all the

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Margie says...

who would of thought that Haitians could lived as long as grandma Alcima.

For once we have something good to share with the word. God

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Marie says...

This is a

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Joseph Vallon says...

Happy Birthday Mrs Alcima Fenelus.

God has blessed you. I thank it is a sign that you have Eternal life. God will allways blessing, with all my respect for grandma if you can share with us the secrets for living

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