Haiti - Wyclef Jean Tweets: The Next President of Haiti might be a Woman

Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean just posted on his Twiiter account that the next president of Haiti might be a woman... Hmmm...Wich woman do you think Clef is talking about?

KREYOL: Haiti - Atis Wyclef Jean di pwochen prezidan peyi d'Haiti a, li ka yon FANM... Se sa misye poste sou kont twitter li... De ki fanm ou panse misye ap pale?

Wyclef Jean Tweet - Haiti Woman President

6:48 PM - 14 Mar 2015, Wyclef Jean tweets:

"Had to share this news!! With my millions of followers around the world!! The next president of Haiti might be a Woman now dats exciting!"

What do you think about that?

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Paul Bonhomme says...

Michaelle Jean will make a good president for Haiti.

Michaelle Jean should run for President for the next election.

The women of Haiti should get involved in running for election for senators, presidents too. Mirlande Manigat would make a good president

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Diny says...

Li Selman ki

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Bey says...

leadership is not based on gender.

we must go back to the matriarch where the wombman(Moabite)was the leader and protected by the men. however do we have strong Haitian woman like Cathrine flor etc?

or is martelly is going to a sexchange this time

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

Fanm Haitien tro

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Gladys Gilles says...

Ce serait une bonne chose, toutefois on ne peut mettre une femme par ce que c'est une femme, il faut une continuité dans les travaux en cours.

Il faut quelqu'un ayant une vision d'ensemble.

Arrêtons de tourner en

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Miche says...

It never hurts to try something new. A woman or a man, does it matter?

Someone who can do and make things happen that shows he or she cares about the Haitian people.

Build roads, encourage insurance policies for car, houses and other form of protection.

Make schools and education affordable for all children

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Robinson Henry says...

Sa wap di a se pa sal te di non wap voye monte wi atis li di nan prochin eleksyon pou prezidan se yon fi kap pase wi al chache sou kont twité li OK pa voye

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Dumel says...

Come on a woman, so any one thinking that is exciting, Well i don't the World is coming to end soon any ways we are gonna see a lot of things that are not suppose to

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Andre Lafond says...

If Clef is not drunk, he may be talking about Sophia Martelly.

That would be a good move from the Haitian people.

You don't make change in a winning

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Pierre Richard Demoya says...

why not the lady at the minister of tourism is more than qualify, she s done an excellent job, there s plenty of others the minister of health, the former minister of finance the men in politic in Haiti, unfortunately, most of them are a bunch of idiots, demagogues who thinks power over country.

A woman touch would be a breath of fresh

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