Haiti 911 Emergency System, It could happen very soon!

QUESTION: Who do you call if you are in Haiti and you have an emergency? If President Martelly is correct then soon you can simply dial 911... During his speech at the Inaugural of OFATMA in Les Cayes Haiti earlier this month, President Martelly made a shot out to the people working on Haiti 911 Emergency system.

Haiti 911 Emergency System

Funny... I made a quick Google search for "911 emergency system in Haiti" and nothing came up meaning noone is talking about that yet BUT... Here is exactly what President Martelly said:

"N-ap salue zanmi yo ki ap travay sou 911 service la kote ke kounye-a Haitien ap ka rele yon numero epi y-ap konn kote-w ye. Si se Helicopter a ki pou vinn cheche-w, l-ap vinn cheche-w. Se se yon anbulance pou yo voye, y-ap voye yon anbulance pou ou. E sèvis saa la pou tout grenn Haitien nèt..."

Watch the video...

TRANSLATION: Let me salute our friends who are currently working on the 911 service system in Haiti whereby Haitians can dial a number and they will know where you are and send emergency vehicles, or a Helicopter, to pick you up. And this service will be available for ALL Haitians.


COOL... Can't wait... Hopefully it will be used for crime fighting as well not just for medical emergencies...

What do you think about this?

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Jean Gabard says...

Wonderful! I love it keep up thegood

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Patrick Princivil says...

I hop when we call they will not say no gas in the ambulance or no gas in the helicopter, the funny thing if you tell them don't worry I will give you something they will jump to give the

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Garry says...

my man is working hard but li du pou ou rat ki fet nan fe nwa accepte

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