Haiti Wins The Super Bowl

If the Colts won the Super Bowl, I would say "Great offense by Pierre Garcon" and now that the Saint won, I will say "Great defense by Jonathan Vilma" because, however you look at it, we won, there was a great Haitian-American football player in each team and they both represented Haiti very well.

Jonathan Vilma, Pierre Garcon - Haitians in the NFL

As I am writing this I am watching Jonathan Vilma on ESPN saying:

"This is Jonathan Vilma of the Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints...
Who Dat Say Dem Gonna Beat The Saints?

There was also a few calls throughout the game reminding the millions of sports fans watching the game to donate to Haiti while showing Garcon and Vilma on the sidelines.

I even saw Presidents Bill Clinton and Georges W. Bush talking about how wonderful it was for Haiti to be present on both sides of the coin toss.

We should be proud of these two young men for representing the Haitian flag in the biggest sport game of the year and a super bowl game that will be talked about for many years.

  • 44 days after Christmas
  • 44 years after the birth of the Saints
  • With Obama as their 44th President
  • New Orleans won Super Bowl 44... Their first

I won't take credit for that... I heard it on ESPN :)

I am glad that New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl because, although you cannot compare disasters, New Orleans is one city in the United States that knows the pain of natural disasters as we do in Haiti.

New Orleans is also a city who knows poverty and disappointments like us.

They are creoles like us, they cook like us, they party like us, they even have voodoo dolls...

In fact, Haiti was mentioned many times during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in Louisiana. It's almost like they know pain and suffering as much as we do.

Well... Today, they have a reason to celebrate.

And they deserve it.

We the people of the Republic of Haiti, we can celebrate with them because one of our sons helped to make it happen.

As Haiti gets ready to begin the rebuilding process, New Orleans is still in their rebuilding process, The WHO DAT Nation are celebrating tonight.

I pray that in the years to come, we too will have plenty of reason to celebrate as well...

After all, we cannot grieve forever...

I am not a big football fan but I have to be honest... I watch every minute of the game and every time I heard Jonathan Vilma and Pierre Garcon, it felt good.

I'm done...

I will not leave it up to the football fans to tell me what think about the game.

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4real says...

How many rich men do you know give all their money to charity, or their country, and return to the poor house?

Making money does not mean that you have to hand it all to people in need, charity is an act of goodwill, some people give their time, material, or money, NOT ALL OF IT, to charity

se nou ki panse ke paske yonn nan nou rish li dwe bay tout sa li posede a moun ki pa genyen

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Franck Felisca says...

felicitation a garcon il es l'un parmi nos

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Luko Adjaffi says...



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Berthauny Bernard says...

i say you thank you for the commentary now i see many big haitians stars, artists they show how they like our country when Haiti is devasting by the earthquarke.

In this moment i want all haitians people put together to rebuild our

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Wesna says...

Thanks for sharing

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