Haiti - Why is a SIMPLE Repair is so Darn Complicated?

Ohhh... The stress in tying to REPAIR something in Haiti... I had a simple problem with an electric power generator. Before long, my simple problem became a huge crisis... $25,000 Gourdes in repairs, and growing... Read this...
PHOTO: Haiti - This broken Screw cost me 25,000 Gourdes in Repair

KREYOL: Ou kwè lobèy mesyedam? Haiti - BOSS la manke sere yon grenn boulon, mwen getan sou $25,000 goud reparation... Epi m poko prèt pou fini... Yon grenn BOULON, mwen sanlè pedi tout yon generatrice... Kisa ou panse de sa???

After I purchased the generator, one of the covers had a small crack during transport and as leaking oil. So I had a "BOSS" take the generator apart so the cracked cover could be soldered?

SIMPLE right???


When the "BOSS" was putting the generator back together, he left a screw loose... One day, I hear a BIG BANG and the generator stopped working.

So, the "BOSS" took the generator apart again and realize the armature, one of the to components that generates the electricity, was damaged... The loose screw flew right into it...

So I spent 16,000 Dominican pesos plus another 100 dollars US to bring it to the Dominican Republic for repair...

So I'm done! RIGHT???


To be Continued...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti - Why is a SIMPLE Repair is so Darn Complicated? edit

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