The Haitian White House - Palais National Has a Website

Not too long ago, I found out that there is an official website for the Government of Haiti.

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti...

As usual, I am constantly doing research on the internet trying to find all the unknown haitian sites out there, I think this one was a great find.

This site is great if you are interested in Haitian politics

also, as you might've guessed it, it is entirely in french but for all you who do not speak "Francais", your folks at home my enjoy it

which reminds me, I have to convince my dad to use the internet.


UPDATE: March 20, 2003 - I just went to the site aparantly it does not work anymore. that's a shame because it was a truely informative site

UPDATE: Jan 10 2008 - The Haitian white house does not have an official website. If you want to talk Haitian politics visit the Haitian political blog at

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Topic you are right, they changed it since the article was written. I changed it. Here is the updated link http:// www. palaisnational. info I hope they... see more
Reply · August 07 at 12:34 AM
Topic I thin thin website you gave for pailais nationaal is wrong.
Reply · August 06 at 7:52 PM

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