Haiti - When there is NO TROUBLE in Haiti, Everyone is Stressed...

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince
Why does BAD NEWS seems so NORMAL to us Haitians? Read this true story... A while ago, I called a good friend mine in Haiti, let's call him Jean, to ask him how he was doing. Jean responded: "I am stressed to my eyeballs." It was a peaceful moment in Haiti at that time (no political turmoil), so I responded: "But there is NOTHING going on in Haiti. you have money, why are you so stressed?" His reply shocked me...

Apparently, lè Haiti pa gen bri, tout moun sou tension (when there's no trouble in Haiti, everyone is stressed)

When I asked Jean why he was stressed when there is nothing bad happening in Haiti, Jean's reponse was: "Exactly!"

"What do you mean by 'exactly'?," I replied.

"There is nothing going on in Haiti and that's why I am stressed out," he said.

"I don't get it," I said, "Shouldn't you be happy that there is nothing bad happening in Haiti? Is'nt it a good thing to know that there is no political problems, no protests, nothing bad is happening in the streets of Port-au-Prince?"

He said in Haitian Creole: "Haiti se yon peyi ki tèlman dwòl, ke lè ou wè yon manifestation, ou konnen nan ki direction pou ou ale... Le ou soti nan lari a, ou pa wè ni ou pa tande anyen, ou pa konn ki wout pou-w fè... Ou pè... Ou panse gen yon bagay ki pase epi tout moun kouri deja, epi se sel ou ki rete, epi se tèt ou w-ap pote vini... Se sak fe mwen pi stresse le pa gen anyen nan lari-a..."

TRANSLATION: My friend Jean said that in Haiti there usually some of kind of disturbance happening in the streets and it kinds of tells you which direction to take. When there is nothing going on, he says, it is even more stressfull because, now, you don't know which direstion to take.


Sometimes we are so used to BAD things happening all the time that it becomes normal to us... And when things begin to change for the better, FEAR and uncertainty begins to crawl in and we do things to sabbotage the GOOD things in order to return to NORMALCY...

What do you think about that?

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