Haiti - Tomas Now A Category One Hurricane 175 miles west of Port-au-Prince

Look at this map... It has been raining all night in Port Au Prince... Tomas strengthened to a Category One Hurricane overnight with maximum sustained winds now at 80 mph with higher gusts.

Nou gen pwoblem...You can barely see Haiti under this gigantic storm...


Hurricane Tomas, as of this morning was approximately 175 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and moving northeast near 9 mph.

NPR reporter Jason Beaubien says the ground is soaked!

Talk about a crucifixion... This is it!

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Harold Fleurine says...

The wost is the wost, but this time it is too much, that mean wound after wound.One day we will open our mouth we will not be able to say anything but just watching.

just pray for

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Bernadette says...

We have to do what we can do: send money, medication, food, water and clothing.

I hope that God will take care of the

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Asaintilly says...

am in the bahamas and i felt

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Marie says...

We are always been troubled by many disasters
We always been killers of our own brothers and sisters
We always choose the wrong god instead of the true

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Will Smith says...

Haiti Tomas !!

May God bless the people of Haiti.

That is all I can say right now. I meant...our country has been through disaster after disaster one after another.

24 to 72 hours from now, you will hear or read shyrocking death tolls due to hurricane Tomas.

Oh well....May God protect these haitians from this monster

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Jb says...

Wow, man I feel for you. I am praying for you all down there.

May God be with you and look out for you all. Have faith.

I am at work and staying in touch with the situation by listening to Signal FM. Good luck my friend.

May God Bless

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Jude says...

I am in haiti right now. At my guesthouses located not too far away from the international airport.boy let mat tell you. This is not a joke. heavy rain. Strong winds uo to 40mph.

I am surprised that my high speed interned antenna still up. I am mostly worry for the ones that is not fortunate as I am. Thos under the tante.

Those who are now hanging out on the streets.

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J Wag says...

Wow this is it we are officailly a disater zone, how much can we

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