Haiti Television - Why call it Television NATIONALE when it is NOT?

Haiti's government television (TNH) is anything but "National." It is more like Television Port-au-Prince since only Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas can watch it.

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti?

For a television to be national in Haiti it would be fair to assume that anyone with a TV set and a decent antenna anywhere in the country would be able to tune in and watch it. Unfortunately that it not the case for TNH.

According to a recent news update, it seems TNH new Director General Gamall Augustin is working to change that.

It is the wish of current Haiti president Jovenel Moise to make TNH truly national so the media can inform, train and educate the Haitian population nationwide.

Hopefully, in the near future, people in Plateau Central Haiti will be able to enjoy Canal 08 just like old times... Way back in the days when a man named Jean Claude Duvalier was president. Do you remember him?

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