Haiti Sees Tourism Promises Fade Amidst Electoral Tensions

Read this from a TIMES article: Haiti today is far better known for its disasters, man-made and natural, than its beaches... For Haiti's government, desperate to make its country part of the Caribbean tourism market, the renewed political volatility is a disaster...

Beautiful Caribbean beach in Jacmel Haiti
Beautiful Caribbean beach in Jacmel Haiti

KREYOL: Haiti - Zafè Touris ap rantre nan peyi a sanlè tonbe nan TROU dapre yon atik TIMES Magazine ekri... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Martelly has hailed tourism as a silver bullet solution to Haiti's perpetually underperforming economy, which the country's central bank estimated grew less than 2% in 2015. But remaking Haiti's tarnished image into a safe holiday destination was never going to be easy.

As media coverage of Haiti slips back into familiar tropes of chaos, corruption and misery, that transformation seems only more distant.

Read the full article from Time Magazine.

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Jacques L says...

Dumb, dumb, dumb, stupid!

After 200 years of being PHYSICALLY free, we haven't figured out how to become PSYCHOLOGICALLY and ECONOMICALLY free.
When we first got married, my wife and I had a fight.

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Jay says...

Haitian pa gin tet .yo pa pance a vni yo e avni pitit yo .achak fwa yap fe deblozay na peyi a yo pa konin si lemond ap gade .e sa lakoz anpil moun pa anvi vib vizite peyi a .ki moun ki ta rinmin ale vizite yon peyi kote min m pitit peyi a pe aler ?nou ap bouze moun n kita vle vini met travay nan peyi a st Dominique pa pi bon pase nou yonn sel bagay yo rinmin peyi yo .ban san dindin sa yo ap plede koute moun kap fe yo fe tintin pour 10goudes epi mete malpwopte tyo sou Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,pou lemonde ka we enverite pep sa few ront poiw di ke se ayisyen w ye lew rive deyor.

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