Haiti Radio - Journalist Valery Numa tells President Jovenel Moise 'Enough with the Speeches, Get to Work'

In his daily radio show Vision 2000 a l'écoute Wednesday, journalist Valery Numa send a message to President Jovenel Moise: "Enough with the Speeches man, It is time for you to get to work, It it time for you to deliver on your campaign promises..."

PHOTO: Haiti - Valery Numa - Radio Vision 2000

KREYOL: Haiti - Jounalis Valery Numa mande Prezidan Jovenel Moise 'SISPANN fè bel diskou, komanse delivre sou pwomès ou te fè pandan kanpay ou yo...' Kisa ou panse de sa???

Jovenel Moise promised to put land, water, the sun and the people together to food on every Haitian's plate and money in every Haitian's pocket.

Do you agree with the journalist that the Haitian president needs to get busy with the delivery of his promise?

Leave a message for President Jovenel, visit JovenelHaiti.com

What do you think about that?

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Hen says...

It's very easy for him to say because He only talk cheap behind a microphone.What can President Jovenel do with this inconscious, delirious and corrupted haitians generations.

The country is sick politically, economically, socially,mentally, commercially, stupidily, parentally, familiarily, sanitarily, export and importarily.What can he do when we are all divided among ourselves.

Haitians despise and hate himself, progress development, peace.

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Pierre says...

Valery is known for his spicy comments.

I like to ask him if he commented on the attempt on Aristide's life, if so please afford me the opportunity to hear it. He tries his best to be objective.

keep it up Valery

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Someone with guts needs to tell him. He procrastinated in order to divert attention from his indictment.

Tell him Val.

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Subject: Haiti Radio - Journalist Valery Numa tells President Jovenel Moise 'Enough with the Speeches, Get to Work' edit

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