It's very easy for him to say because He only talk cheap...

Hen - May 29 2017, 9:20 AM

It's very easy for him to say because He only talk cheap behind a microphone.What can President Jovenel do with this inconscious, delirious and corrupted haitians generations.

The country is sick politically, economically, socially,mentally, commercially, stupidily, parentally, familiarily, sanitarily, export and importarily.What can he do when we are all divided among ourselves.

Haitians despise and hate himself, progress development, peace.

Valery is telling him with his big mouth get to work then what is he doing himself to encourage the cohesion of all Haitians nationals and abroad to put together with president Jovenel to change fisrt the atmosphere of the country then pool it from the bottomless pit of corruption, change the mentality of our generations whom hate every production of the country(soulye peyi chire chosett)(pepe pi bon).

How can this country goes anywhere when 2 same small businesses cannot function in the same area. Anyone attempting to progress Haitians nationals or diaspora trying to invest in the country will be eliminated turn into zombi by your competitor and sometimes by your own family.

Those so call Haitians journalist need also change their way so that they can unite every sector of the country life to build a different environment in haiti.

If a journalist hate Jovenel because he come from phtk( martelly) you are a disease to the country.For once in a lifetime haitians dispora and nationals let's clive to the flag( l'union fait la force) let's united in spite of our diversity to save haiti.

Unless we do so we will continue to blame each other and nothing will be done and always a third party will always intervene pretending to help us out while ripping off all the resources of the country.Beware

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