Haiti Prison Break - 13 Escaped Convicts Recovered by Police

Thirteen of the inmates who escaped from the Prison Civile de Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti have been recovers by Police Sunday... The search continues for the other convicts... So far no one knows exactly how many escaped convicts are out there but one thing is certain... Clifford Brands is one one of them...

Haiti Prison Break

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Earlier news reports suggested that escaped convicts ran out of the prison in all directions. Some of them even stole motorcycles from a Taxi moto station nearby and they could be anywhere in the country by now since, according to news reports, there was a pickup truck handing out clothes to these convicts as they walked out of the prison.

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This Haitian prison break sounded like something from a Hollywood movie mid Sunday afternoon...

The police did a good job rounding up 13 of the escapees, we hope they get lucky in their search for the rest of them...

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Joel Price says...

I am not surprise anything is possible when you have money and a big shot name Everything is for sale The Haitian justice is system is for sale The kidnapper go to prison for 3 days And get back on the streets continuing the same thing The system is weak and full of

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