Haiti Police - UDMO Ouest Headquarters Moving to Cite Soley, Officers Angry

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti
The Haiti Departmental Unit for the Maintenance of Order (UDMO) in Capital Port-au-Prince has been asked to pack their bags and move to a new headquarter in Cite Soley... UDMO officers are really angry and resisting this move...

According to Haiti news reports, some UDMO officers are pointing their fingers at commissaire divisionnaire Vladimir Paraison, Director of west police department (DDO), who had promised to punish them by this transfer in an unhealthy and inappropriate location because they had not recently entered the headquarters of the Platfom Pitit Dessalines of former Senator Jean-Charles Moise for the arrest of one of the alleged murderers of the former head of presidential security under Aristide, Jean Oriel.

One Haiti radio station reported Wednesday the fear in the hear of an unidentified UDMO officer who said he has a wife and kids and thought it was dangerous for him to report to work everyday in Cite Soley.

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Maneez Sou Facebook UDMO ka pa kontan men yo dwe obeyi, paske se "DIRIJAN" petét ke mo sa pa gen menm sinifikasyon pou tout yo menm.men dirijan lapolis la... see more
Reply · April 23 at 2:15 PM
Joblo sa yo panko pre pou fe UDMO. yon paket ti bazwel......
Reply · April 22 at 4:19 PM
Cesar If the institution is to put law in order, they need to go to cite to maintain order.
Reply · April 22 at 2:55 PM
Junior Jès parese wi bouda Kochi sa lol!
Reply · April 22 at 9:56 AM
Chris Kote ou jwenn photo UDMO bouda kwochi sa yo? LOL Neg sa yo fe UDMO led
Reply · April 22 at 8:21 AM

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Subject: Haiti Police - UDMO Ouest Headquarters Moving to Cite Soley, Officers Angry edit

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