Haiti Paved Roads - Asphalt vs. Concrete - Which one is better?

When it comes to paved roads in Haiti, have you ever wondered why some roads are concrete and others asphalt? Ask any Haitian why and the first thing they will tell you will have something to do with the government steeling money BUT... There may be another more REAL reason...

The reason I think is COST vs DURABILITY

Here are somethings about these two, Asphalt and Concrete, you probably didn't know...

In a nutshell, someone said in a forum, asphalt costs half as much, concrete lasts twice as long...

It takes less time to lay an asphalt road than a concrete road but once you lay a concrete road and you do it right, it will last a hell of a long time...

Maintenance is easier with asphalt roads but concrete roads require very little or no maintenance.

Personally, I like asphalt over concrete, at least in Haiti because I think if offers a smoother ride... when it is NEW at least... LOL...

For some reason concrete roads always seem dusty and dirty... Concrete pavements in Haiti feels "DOUK DOUK" if you know what I mean...

I was wondering why the Haitian Government decided rebuild the roads inside Delmas (Port-au-Prince) out of concrete when I figured it was definitely more expensive than asphalt. I guess it is because it will last longer.

I guess we like to build things that last although...

I overheard someone talking about the 'Grand Rue de Port-au-Prince' which is still in existance after so many decades that it was build out of concrete...

SO... Which do you think is better for Haiti? Asphalt of Concrete?

Whatever it is... I need it badly in my little neighborhood here in Hinche Haiti... Labou ak poussiere ap pate fyel mwen...

What do you think about this

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Bob Eskind says...

i came across your grandfather's name while researching the "United Haiti Corporation" c.1904 - 1920s?

i really don't know what happened with "United Haiti Corp." they were supposed to build a railroad of 300 miles, but its unclear what happened.

do you have any information on it?


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Asnath Colson says...

Whatever materials that are available at best price.

With so much to do, so much to repair, everything and anything that's being done should be praised and encouraged.

Even a dirt road is better than no road at all or rocky, jacked

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Elmagno says...

Concrete is the way to when it comes to roads in a town. Not only it is better when carrying load in tension, it gives the people who lives there a way to make some money and a chance for local firms to make some money too. When it comes to asphalt they just hire an international company to lay it and the people get

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Carswell Berlin says...

My grandfather, F. Henry Berlin, who was an and American civil engineer, in partnership with John C. Marsh, built the concrete roads in Port Au Prince at the beginning of the 20th century.

When I visited in 1973, most were still in use.

RE: Haiti Paved Roads - Asphalt vs. Concrete - Which one is

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Gerard says...

Unfortunately I responded directly from the first line of your text. Then I read the rest of the rest of the text and I notice that I said almost the same thing as you. However I think concrete road have to be cheaper because we manufacture the cement in

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Jacobin says...

M panse ni youn ni lot pa beneficiant en Haiti a cause de corruption.

Ke se concrete, ke se asphalt contractors Haitians ap cut corner pou yo fe maximun profit.

JUST gade en comparaison in troncon route ke Estrella fe ak youn VF fe?

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Garry says...

concrete is better also it swallows the water aftet the

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John says...

Asphalt the

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