Haiti Money - 50 Gourdes for 1 US Dollar, Coming soon...

One upon a time, you needed 5 Haitian gourdes for 1 U.S. dollar... Not anymore... Nowadays, the exchange rate for one U.S. Dollar is 48.74 gourdes. If you want to buy this hard to find green back, you need 49 Haitian gourdes. Soon you may need 50 gourdes.

This is according to a recent article, Vers 50 gourdes pour un green buck, published in Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

There is so much demand for the U.S. Dollar in Haiti, it is no wonder that it keeps going up and up...

I was talking to a food distributor in my hometown and she told me, she has to purchase the U.S. dollar with all the gourdes she makes in order to purchase food "en gros" (in bulk) from Port-au-Prince to fill her business.

"It is even more profitable for me to buy food from the Dominican Republic in U.S. dollars, instead of Dominican pesos, to come sell in Haiti," she says, "that means I have to get my hands on the U.S. Dollar no matter what."

One thing is for sure... The more Haitian currency you need to convert to U.S. currency in order to purchase all the imported food that Haitians consume everyday, the more expensive life will be for the struggling Haitian people who have to eat to survive...

What do you think about that?

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Wifeylinko It's a matter of equation ok people... Haiti needs to open their own stock market/trade center....jamaica got it...trinidad got it....we do have a... see more
Reply · May 06 at 2:39 PM
Paris We both know this thing is going to far what can we do to helps.
Reply · May 06 at 12:05 PM
Floyd Is your hometown friend business in Hinche?
Reply · May 06 at 10:19 AM

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