HAITI May Soon Become The Latest Member of The AFRICAN Union.

If all goes as planned, Haiti, yes North America's Haiti, will become the latest member of the African Union sometime in January. Haiti and Africa share a sense of history, and African countries stepped up in the wake of Haiti's earthquake, which has led some to conclude the time is right to formalize their ties.

Haiti In The African Union

Ou poko sezi toujou?

Read this...

The African Union has 54 member states -- all of them are located on the African continent.

But as early as January, that could change... Haiti might be en route to becoming the first country to join the African Union that isn't actually African. Or is it?

Read the article in full here: Haiti on brink of becoming latest member of African Union

WOW... I was so surprised to read this, I couldn't even add my two cents in it...

Maybe you can... What do you think about this?

Reply with your comments.

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Negbelair says...

You're probably as dumb as you sound.

why would you say some dumb crap like that like only camels run in

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Katchapikam Pou Plim says...

Wi li le, li tan, pou nou soti anba grif enperialis souset jouk nan zo sa yo. yo fe nou soufri trop, menm yon ti gaz ke nou genyen, yo getan mete grif yo sou li. OU ka koupe pye palmis lan men ou pap janm ka finn jwenn tout rasinn

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Garry says...

Would be a dream come true. Actually every Haitian that has gone to an African country returns very educated.

I know a few. I met one in Scotland.

Eventhough he didn't speak creol, he so happy to meet me.I spent to a great deal of time with him. He was there studying deep sea oil drilling.

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Santia says...

About time we get closer to our true brothers and sisters!!!!! Can't wait for it to

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Cj says...

Once again we need to be visible, we need to be heard...remaining in the shadow of the Americas only hide the world wonder that we are....in God's time the Americas will call upon Haiti for help and the strength of our warriors will prevail once again.

Dessalines did not die in

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Harold Fleurine says...

Yes sir. I will be happy if that news become a reality, that also will be a good news for the haitian people and they should have more opportunities to travel around the world easily, that is a good news from the government and for the haitian

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Paul says...

We are called african-americans in the US. So, no one should be surprised.

But I am curious as to what would this actually bring to Haiti.

Are we gonna get cheaper gazoline?

Are we gonna get a few

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Manu says...

I think that this could be a good thing for

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Jacques Alerte says...

Haitians will finally come close to their

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Jonathan D says...

I think is a good thing.

Our roots are in Africa.

Africa is our alma mater.

African lives in us, in our culture, our ethnic.

We are Afro

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