Haiti - Manifestation to force Martelly to Retract Aristide Executive order to disband the Army

A street protest (Manifestation) to force Haiti President Michel Martelly to retract the executive order by former President Jean Bertrand Aristide to disband the Haitian army (FADH) is scheduled for 30 March 2015 in Capital Port-au-Prince... Protestors want to know why is there no army in Haiti will all this insecurity...

KREYOL: Haiti - Manifestation pou mande president Martelly pou RANTRE dekrè president Aristide te pran pou kraze lame d'Haiti (FADH)... Moun Haiti ak KONASOVIC ap pran lari a 30 Mars... Kisa ou panse de sa?

This protest initiated by "Moun Haiti" and KONASOVIC is also asking for the release of ex-military soldiers in Gressier who were arrested on 15 Sep 2013.

Rosemond Jean, coordinator of KONASOVIC said will all the insecurity in Haiti, people are dying and we keep saying it is the "BLAN" who does not want the army in Haiti but they are not here providing security to the Haitian people.

The protest will end in front of the Haiti Ministry of Defense, Rosemond Jean said, "So we can discover why there is a ministry of Defense in Haiti while that ministry refuses to take the initiative to chose a head for the military and present it to President Martelly... so that the army can have a leadership."

One question that was raised on Haitian radio regarding this news is: Will restoring the Haitian army restore a climate of security in Haiti?

Good Question...

What do you think about that?

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

Mwen we yon kalite Haitien Bondieu fe yo grace retire yo nan class pov Haiti, yo blye kote yo soti paske blanc ba yo chodye pou yo foubi, bale pou yo bale, blanc maltrete yo pase chien epi ap vinn fe frekan ap pale kk tankou se yon afe. Tout Haitien ki ap pale de micky tankou micky se bondye yo, yo bay micky raison pou bay neg gro fal ki rele Orelus whatever jan yo relel la dwa pou tire sou pep Haitien ki ap manifeste kont sa micky ap fe ki pa bon, pagen yonn ki nan class micky non, tout se arivis et micky pa menm bezwen yo non. Se imbecile ki pa eseye pale different lang sitou Angle se pa yon lang ki fasil, bravo pou tout Haitien ki fe gro efo pou pale angle.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

@Negroricart, you're delusional calling Haitian dark roaches.

Who are you negroricart?

A white Dominican, a former Haitian slave, and a white roach.

I get it! Stupid.

Negroricart, honestly, I understand your pain; in your mind, you strongly believe that you are a white individual but in reality you are not. Haitians know their ethnicity and very proud of

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen panse sitwayen sa yo korek, nan aksyon sa.
Paske oken dekre prezidansyel, pa gen fos de lwa pou revoke yon atik konstitisyon peyi a.
Yon prezidan ki poze ninpot ak, kont konstitisyon peyi a, dwe juje kom tret devan hot kou

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Ricart says...

@Proud To Be Haitian

Yes, we Dominicans care about what's going in our backyard (Haiti), especially when we have an infestation of dark roaches coming from that particular

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sé fout Haitien mwen, mwen pa nan zafè fòsé palé anglè épi fò tout klas pòv Haitien ki pa kon palé anglè yo ka konpran kijan richès péyi a ap patajé.

Si nèg fè dézòd nèg ap pran Gaz lagimojèn nan bouda yo, nèg ap dlo graté nan bouda yo, nèg ap pran gro kout koko macak nan bouda étc.

Pou zafè l'armé d'Haiti nan péyi d'Haiti a pèp Haitien ta sipozé gen 3 chwa: gadé MUNISTAH avi nan péyi d'Haiti ou bien l'armé d'Haiti tounen an Haiti ou bien lè Prézidan Martélly pa Prézidan ankò na krazél si nou kapap men pou kounyé a Prézidan Martélly sou bòn

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

Oh shit! Negroricart, I see that you care so much about Haiti; therefore, you are neglecting yourself: no shower, no teeth brushing, and no ass whipping so you have time to hit your keyboard so people know that you are here talking about Haiti as everyone else is. What an idiot.

We the Haitian people, we have enough opinion about our country, as a result, we do not need your stupid opinions, and you can keep them to your stupid-self.


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Ricart says...

You (Haiti) do not have money to build schools, bridges, hospitals, factories, etc. But someway, somehow, you have the budget to build and maintain an army?

You people are dumber than

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Bwa San Fey says...

We do need an

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Ricart says...

Due to limited financial resources to maintain a modern army, Haiti's armed forces would be useless in the case of real war with its much larger neighbors (Cuba and the Dominican Republic).

What Haiti need is job creation, reconstruction, and a better police force.

Haiti should concentrate on building bridges, roads, schools, universities, hospitals, industries, small businesses, strong tourism

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Jran Max says...

I'm pretty sure that would bring an improvement in the security

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