Haiti, Like A Game of Chess

"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does"

- Jean-Paul Sartre -

Just a thought!
by: Woodring Saint Preux

If you always have a crisis to manage,
you will never have time to take care of
the more important things

Things like preserving "Le Patrimoine Haitien"

Have you ever played "CHESS"?

Do you understand how it works?

The object in chess is to checkmate your opponent's King.

Playing chess is time consuming; it could take 200 years depending on who's playing.

Checkmate... If your king is under attack and he cannot escape on the next move... Game over!

Checkmate... If the first black nation in the world fails to govern itself and falls under a protectorate... Game over!

Checkmate... We are the beacon of freedom... We built it... if we fail to maintain it and it comes crashing down... Game over!


"Oh you want to fight for freedom too? You want to be your own leader? The Haitians tried and they failed miserably. Why don't you quit while you're ahead? Avoid the embarrassment..."


"Come on, you people, save yourself 200 years of trial and error, I know what's best for you, trust me..."

When I was a kid,
my brother and me, we had our disagreements

There was always a third leg that would
get on the floor...
grab a handful of dirt...
and lay it between me and him...

When the fight starts,
The third leg would...
Grab a seat...
and watch the cockfight

We never realized we were fighting to entertain others who found it "entertaining" to watch two brothers fight.

Every Haitian government who comes to power ALWAYS has a crisis in their hands

They always get blamed...
for mismanaging "The Crisis"

They always have to step down...
for not taking care of "The Crisis"


If I turn the white house in to the "Mairie De Port-au-Prince", If I keep them busy trying to contain Cite Soleil and Belair then we can do whatever we want to the rest of the country and no one will notice!

My fellow Haitians,

Our king is not in the "Palais National"
Our king is what we stand for and what we represent
Our king is our country, our heritage, our culture

Like it... Hate it... Live with it...

Our king is not being protected
because we have our guards down

Our knights are gone...

Our bishops are gone...

The Queen is dead...

The rooks are just standing there...
and the Pawns are fighting amongst themselves

The enemy is in our court...

Need I explain?


"The CONSTANT Crisis in Port-au-Prince"

Who's the bait?

Who's the enemy?

Where is the battlefield?

Who's winning?

Who's loosing?

Just a thought!


P.S. you cannot fear death, it's inevitable!

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Topic Two words: "Absolutely great".
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