Haiti is a good place to invest, Nicholas Galt says

Newly-elected chairman of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA), Nicholas Galt, is looking to develop business opportunities in Haiti and he is suggesting that Caricom, of which Haiti is a member, should make travel access of citizens of the country to the region much easier.

Haiti - Open For Business

Speaking to members of the media last week at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) offices... Galt said expanding a business means identifying the right location for investment. And he has pinpointed Haiti as one such place.

"Companies like Scotiabank would go into Haiti and would have the six branches and would do well. The big problem is that you have a massive poor population and a small wealthy population (in Haiti). The other problem you have is that one of its biggest trading partners should be the Dominican Republic, but you have an imbalance of trade there."

"Haiti imports from Dominican Republic US$2 billion per year in goods, Dominican Republic imports from Haiti US$100 million. The only way you are going to find Haiti getting out of that space is to allow Haiti more access to the Dominican Republic market, since they are neighbours. The Dominican Republic purposefully puts in tariffs on goods to deny Haitian goods from entering the DR."

Though Haiti is a member state in Caricom, it does not have access to Caricom.

"Any Haitian wanting to go to Barbados or T&T has to apply for a visa. This stilted freedom of movement to do business outside is a real problem. I took the issue to Ambassador (Plenipotentiary Mervyn) Assam and he agreed it is an issue. He suggested that the way out, any Haitian businessman who has a United States visa is allowed automatically entry in Latin America."

WOW... Things that makes you go... HMMMM....

It is difficult to summarize a good article without copying the whole thing. I encourage you to read the article in full at Guardian.co.tt

Big thanks to my TT friend and reader Kelvin Scoon for suggesting it to me :)

What do you think about what Nicholas Galt said...

a) About Caricom opening the region to Haitian businessmen

b) about the small wealthy population in Haiti (hence a small source for big investments),

c) about the imbalance of trade between Haiti and DR???

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