Haiti Hotels - Marriott visits North, Center and Western Haiti seeking new Opportunities

Marriott Hotel in Haiti - Miniature Plan
Will Marriott be building more than one Hotel in Haiti? Does Marriott have more plans in Haiti? Maybe... Read this... A large delegation of Marriott officials visited North, Center, and Western Haiti, from 18 to 21 November, in search of new investment opportunities...

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti Hotels - Marriot voye yon delegation pou visite kèk lot depatman nan peyi a pou yo chèche lòt opportunite... Ou panse Marriot pwal konstwi lot hotel nan peyi a? Kisa-w panse de sa...

This news came directly from Haiti's Ministry of Tourism...

During the visit, Marriot officials visited Bassin Zim (near Hinche Haiti), Parc National Historique, and Labadie.

The Marriott group also explored the Southeast region of Haiti, the ministry of Tourism says, with guided tours to Bassin Bleu and the historic center of Jacmel.

If you are in favor of more tourism opportunities in Haiti, I think you will agree that this is good news... For a company like Marriott to show interest in other parts of the country it means that Haiti may be open for business after all...

The naysayers may read this article and say: "Bon fout! Men li.. Men yo vann blan peyi a..." LOL...

I prefer to think of it as good news...

What do you think about this?

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Will congratulation good luck i keep you on my pray ok
Reply · November 29 at 2:55 PM
Juodel In All the others Caribbean nations investers are well come. from all over the world and they are doing well with the tourist Why not Haiti. It's... see more
Reply · December 02 at 3:27 PM
Francky I really appreciate this opportunity if Marriott put a new hotel in the north of Haiti, as I'm a student who are licensed in tourism hospitality... see more
Reply · November 27 at 9:11 AM
Jack-walesh Charles I belive that's a great opportunity for Haiti to be really open for business and jobs are going to be created...Every Department in Haiti should... see more
Reply · November 26 at 2:03 PM

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