BIG Secret: Haiti Government Offices Contact Phone Numbers

QUESTION: Say you want information... Were do you find a contact phone numbers for a Government office in Haiti? --- I am somewhere in Delmas Haiti, I need to contact the Mairie de Delmas to ask for information... Can you believe this? No matter how many ways I type "Maire de Delmas" on the Internet... NO Address, No Phone Numbers...

I see a nice picture... But How the hell do I get there?

What number do I call for information if I happen to be in Delmas and I need information?

It's the 21st Century folks!!!

NOTE: You know the irony in all this? For less then $10.00 US the City of Delmas can purchase a domain name at

It is time for all Government offices in Haiti to have at least a 5-page web site where an address and phone number is listed so you can call for information.

An KREYOL pou tout moun konprann...

Kisa pou-w fè pou-w jwen nimewo telefòn yon institution leta an Haiti? --- Mwen Delmas, mwen bezwen nimewo telefon Mairie de Delmas poum just mande yon information... Ou ka kwè sa? Nenpòt fason mwen tape "Marie de Delmas" sou entènèt la, Mwen pa jwen NI adress li, NI nimewo telefòn li...

Mwen wè yon bel photo... Men ki fason pou-m ale la?

Se nan venteinyèm syèk nou ye la wi mezanmi!!!

Li lè li tan pou chak municipalite an Haiti genyen o mwen yon sit entenet menm 5 paj pou ki gen ADDRESS ak NIMEWO telefon pon yon moun rele mande information.

Kisa-w panse de sa?

Kite yon mesaj

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Marie Lamothe This is true. You cannot find any addresses or phone numbers. This is a shame.
Reply · January 21 at 9:04 PM
Lillie Giles I'm not sure who to contact about this situation, BUT...I know an American Preacher, that came to your country, back in the early 70's & even in the... see more
Reply · February 18 at 12:54 AM
Jean G Roc How can I help my people
Reply · April 17 at 4:43 AM
Leony Haiti is open for business. sasa vle di... Demagog yo AP pale fatra.
Reply · April 11 at 9:02 PM
John Le yon moun di Haiti se deye kamionet la li ye sapa vle di Haiti sou kamionet la, sa vle se ate lie menm manyin ou pap ka manyin kamionet la li pa... see more
Reply · April 11 at 5:19 PM
Patrick Gaspard It Will take some Time to get tâter brother. Traditionalily communication Is not the main concern of our officials. You are on the... see more
Reply · April 11 at 4:00 PM
Nb I am very glad that you said that it is not only for the Mairie of Delmas, but it is almost for all institution in Haiti. Once I lost my cell phone... see more
Reply · April 11 at 3:08 PM
Dja Paul Juste une transcription de votre Kreyòl en Ayisyin AN AYISYIN POU TOUTE MOUNE KONPWAN'N PI BYIN ANK- Ki-sa pou-w fè pou jwin'n niméwo... see more
Reply · April 11 at 3:04 PM
Woody Sou Facebook KEKSYON: Supoze ou bezwen yon enfòmasyon nan men leta Haiti, Kisa pou-w fè pou-w jwen nimewo telefòn yon institution leta an Haiti... see more
Reply · April 11 at 1:58 PM

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