PHOTOS: Gas Shortage In Haiti, Look at The Lines At The Pump

A picture is worth a Thousand words... There is a shortage of gas at the pumps in Haiti, See photos of the long lines as people wait to buy gas by the gallon in the few pumps where fuel is available in limited quantity.
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Haitian Police are lined up at some gas stations... I guess they are trying to tell drivers whose car ran out of gas to push it elsewhere... LOL...
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In other pumps, there is absolutely NO LINES... Not one single car at the pump, I guess they are all dried up... It's just empty!

This Haiti Gas shortage problem is a REAL problem...

Some people drive all the say to the neighboring Dominican Republic to buy Gasoline! (Photo: Gas Station in Jimani, DR, across the Malpasse Border)

See more photos here...

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Ahmed Hussein says...

There are lots of fraudsters that has infiltrated the Bank instrument business but thank God for Mr. Keith Brian Palmer of KBP Financial Limited who not only promised of issuing me the instrument but also kept to his word after I paid the transmission fee, though reluctantly as I have had my fingers burnt twice last year. Thanks Palmer for bringing smile to my face. now our project in Indonesia is going on smoothly.


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Anthony says...

Someone is making a killing on this re-occuring fiasco in Haiti.

Black market gas is selling at $100 Haitian Dollars a gallon - over $12 USD per gallon.

Good timing too - just before

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