Haiti Electricity - First Renewable Energy Network Inaugurated in Les Anglais, South Haiti

Haiti Renewable Energy Update -- A new alternative electricity micro distribution network has just been inaugurated in the town of Les Anglais, Sud Haiti, providing 430 households with access forto electricity fir the first time...

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy
Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy

KREYOL: Haiti Electricité - Moun Les Anglais kontan, yo gen kouran... Gen yon nouvo micro system enèji solèy k-ap founi rezidan nan vil la ak bon jan electricite... Kisa ou panse de sa???

This renewable energy project was implemented by a firm called EarthSpark International in collaboration with Haitian business "Eneji Pwop" with USAID money.

This new automated hybrid alternative energy system includes about 90 kilowatts of solar panels with 400 kWh of battery capacity and an emergency backup generator.

Of course this not a free service, compared to EDH, clients have to prepay for electricity.

There are more alternative energy micro-distribution projects on the way in the region according to news reports...

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Harry De Beziers says...

S'il vous plait, regarder ce qu'on a en collaboration avec le Rotary Club de Doral, Florida.

Le plan a ete deja donne au gouvernement.

Dans neuf(9) mois la plante peut etre constuise et dependant du volume de poubelle produira entre 15 a 20 Megawatt d'electricite a n'inporte qu'elle ville du pays. En plus du diesel sera produit: entre 70,000 a 90,000 gallons par mois! Qu'attendons nous?

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Tev Tousssint says...

How do l get energy for a I little city in the Nothing.

Carrefour des Pères for

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Patrick Princivil says...

O O ! Ki sa nou pansé !

Bon bagay, men sé mété nan prizon tout vyé travayè rakétè kap pran kòb anba tab nan men moun, fò tout moun sa yo dwé péyé léta kouran pou yo ka toujou jwen sèvis

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Kenrick Lubin says...

I think it a great idea. I wish they would do the same in port de paix where i.m from we don't. Have any power.

Since Duvalie

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