Haiti Election Site Update

*** Quick Update!
*** RE: http://wwww.HaitiElection2005.com

Woodring Saint Preux here from www.fouye.com

This is a quick update on the Special
Haitian Elections 2005 Website:

We just finished adding
pictures of all the Haitian Presidential Candidates

Make a comment about the elections right now!
Click this link: http://www.haitielection2005.com/post.php?c=2

Here is what's inside www.HaitiElection2005.com

- See Photos of all the Haitian Presidential Candidates
- Get a list of all the Haitian Political Parties in Haiti
- Comment about the elections or your favorite candidate
- Make announcements relating to the elections
- post articles relating to the elections

This site will be locked and will remain an archive once the elections is over.

If you want to voice your opinion, you have to do it now!

So visit http://www.HaitiElection2005.com today
and voice your opinion today!

It's a shame that Haiti is about to have another election and a large majority of the Haitian people don't even know who the candidates are let alone who they will vote for.

www.HaitiElection2005.com is your chance to meet the candidates
Hey, your country, your candidates, whether you like it or not!

We hope you find this site usefull

if you have any comments or additional info you can post it yourself on the Haiti Election forum.

Pass this info to all Haitian Friends

Woodring Saint Preux


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