Haiti Education - Only 13 percent of Haitian students can read 30 French words per minute

In a series of tweets from the Haitian Government Wednesday, it was revealed that only 13 percent of students in Haiti can read 30 French words per minute... The average is 60 words per minute...

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students)

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Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe posted on Twitter that today, only 15 percent of students in Haiti can really understand a question addressed in French or in Haitian Creole...

One of the priorities of the government, another tweet says, is to make sure that Haitian school children can truly listen and understand that she is being thought...

Lately, the Haitian government, via the ministry of National Education, have been taking some steps towards the reform of the Haitian education system.

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QUESTION: What do you think needs to change in Haiti's Education System?

What do you think about Haitian students speaking Haitian Creole all day long and being thought in a foreign language that French really represents for the majority?

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Bonito says...

We can start by attracting qualified individuals to teach.

Political rethorics along with propaganda and empty promises will not do. The false dichotomy of whether Haitian Creole or French should be the language for learning in Haiti bares much ressemblence to the Mulattoism or Noirism though macabre and intentional being clarioned over the last two centuries to the detriment of "Haitian People".

The Martelly-Lamothe administration is partially right and commandable in their enunciation of the five E's for development.

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Ernst Registre says...

Li ta toutou bon pou ti mounn nan pandan li jenn aprann tou le de lang yo ansanm...

Kreyol la pap telman difisil pou li paske li pale li shak jou bondye mete.

Franse ya .Li tre zenpotan pou yo apran li. Li se sel lang kote li ka fe reshesh avanse.

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Mjacob says...

si nou vreman vle Ayiti vanse, nou bezwen chanje sistem edikasyon an Ayiti an Kreyol.

Timou apran pi byen le yo apran nan langaj manman yo. Ayisyen, aksepte Lang kreyol nou an. Se lang libete li ye. Se gras ak kreyol ki te ede nou oganize revolisyon 1791 lan san ke blan Franse pat

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Marie Ange Salomon says...

I think we need to teach the kids to speak English so they can be better off overall.

They can help the country to move forward and make a decent living.

Some people are going to get mad at this suggestion but that is what we

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