Haiti Earthquake - We Got Hit By Another One!

Haiti was hit with another earthquake early this morning, Monday Feb 22 at 4:36 in the morning while everybody was still sleeping... I wonder how they woke up this morning!

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

This time it was an earthquake of 4.7 magnitude and it happened twenty miles west of Port-au-Prince according to the U.S. geological survey USGS .

There has not been any reports of damage and casualties from this recent Haiti earthquake but can you imagine the psychological toll that this ground shaking experience is adding to a population already in shock?

If you are looking for any information about the Haiti earthquake relief or if you have information that you wish to share, be sure to visit our Haiti earthquake relief website at Haiti911.com.

As I sit here writing this I can't help but imagine what it must be like for a person sleeping in Haiti right now at 4:36 in the morning feeling the ground shaking.

What a trauma this must be for our brothers and sisters in Haiti!

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Batheline says...

I don't know what to say. It's bad for us. Only the prayer and change ours lives can help us. Give God a chance to come in ours hearts in the Jesus

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Eltha B says...

this is shocking me when i heard haiti got hit again, all i'm asking god when these thing is gonna end....haiti is in my

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Marie says...

Yes brothers and sisters pray for Haiti
Remember that Christ is

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Paul Cormier says...

This 4.7 magnitude quake was very small in comparison to the 7.0 quake we received Jan 12. The center of this quake was 2.9 miles from my house in Brossier, just outside of the village of

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Berthauny Bernard says...

Now i feel shocking when i just see that i can say what we can do to avoid an another catastroph o my God.We can ask GOD protect our country Haiti, the nation has to stay in prayer

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