FACT - Haiti earthquake killed more people than the atomic bomb!

Did you know? More people died in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake than those who died from the Atomic Bomb... 100 times more than 9/11...

Haiti Earthquake Vs. The World’s Most Horrific Disasters

I was so surprised to read this:

"The Haitian earthquake death toll was larger than the impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (together), with three times the body count of the American Revolutionary War."

Reference: Visualizing The Death Tolls Of The World's Most Horrific Disasters

Like the author says, "some people don't know which tragedies were 100 times more tragic... Some people have no conception, or have any idea that the Haiti earthquake killed 100 times more people than 9/11"

Hmmmm... Interesting...

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Miejo says...

Well, we did have big problems with the past governments, that's the reason why we should educate the young generation to learn having responsibility toward their country.

Education is the key. I am not any stranger I am Haitian, and I care for Haiti, I am among the people who wish to change the system by helping in educating the children!

Thank you for your contribution if you want to give it.

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Guilbert Printemps says...

My friend, I can see you are a stranger.

Nobody can stop them to build the same way, because you do not have a responsible government.

If you can name one service in Haiti that works properly, beside kidnapping, low profile and banditism, I will send you a 100 US

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Miejo says...

The earthquake did not kill the Haitians, Haitian constructions killed them, and they are still building the same way. Port au Prince should not build with cement and concrete that was said since 1749 by the French architects.

I would like to know who authorized the Haitians to built with concrete and cement since it was not

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