The Haiti Earthquake Conspiracy You Probably Heard About?

Have you heard this one before... that one of the reasons for the earthquakes in Haiti are explosives accidents from the giant tunnel that the U.S. is drilling under the Caribbean???

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

I heard about the The Florida-Haiti Interstate Tunnel but Honestly, I had no idea that Haitians somehow linked this conspiracy to the Earthquake.

Read this article, , you will find it very interesting.

I can imagine myself in a street corner in Haiti having a serious conversation with a self proclaimed expert who has no idea what the hell he is talking about...

They can come up with some stories boyyyyyy... LOL...

Now let me ask you... Are you one of those who believe that there is some kind of conspiracy theory behind the Haiti earthquakes or do you believe that Mother Nature can be a son of a bitch sometimes???

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Mattrix says...

what did bill Clinton have to gain from the earthquake?

was the us naval floating hospital docked on west coast of Haiti at time of

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Winy says...

le tremblement de terre qui s'est passe en haiti.

c'est a cause du tunel miami-haiti qu'on est entraint de creuser, bientot on va construir le palais national d'haiti sou le tunel, moi aussi j'ai deja achete un emplacement pour construir ma maison.

si gen yon moune ki pa kwer nan sa mwen di ya relem epi mwen pral montre yo cote mwen pral bati kay mwen

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Lena says...

much haitain not beleive u can sik and die they allways think some one behind,
and about japan' mexico;ect...they have to stop to beleive evrytime the feel pain they dont go to hospital because some one always afther them but they better prepare for what ever disater god not far to repend and stop acuse

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

Referring to Mother Nature as a "Son of a Bitch" is an abomination in my book. You do not have any idea how it was created...Be

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John says...

Se yon bagay mwen pa ka konpran le moun ap pale bagay sa yo paske tranbleman de te fe nan preke tout peyi menm nan Califonia se tou tan te a tranble kraze pon ak kay men pa Haiti pi mal men se paske Hait konstwi

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Sergo Jean says...

I do not support the topic because Ayisyen toujou konnen tout bagay, min yo toujou rete an place ap make pa. mwen espere sa ki gen liv lakay yo petet pran n e li fe rechech petet ya we ki jan mounn viv antan ke mounn.Mwen cre ke secret ki pou permet Haiti delope ya trouve l an dan liv, men malerezman lide politic ayisyen yo refuze li liv de lot lider opozan yo paske yo pa renmin younn lot; divizyon sa mete yo do a do epi peyi a canpe an place san bouje epi yap foncsyone sou acuzasyon younn lot, yo di, san prev o lye yo pran liv pou li. e tan diske peyi pa foncsyone sou 3 roch dufe sa paske li pa bon e li pap mennen nasyon an ocun cote. Li ka vre pou politisyen ayisyen pou fe capital politic pou jwen pouvoi, men li fo pou mwen paske map fe rechech chac jou pou inbecil pa fe m vinn pi sot pou yo ka gen rezon sou mwen. Mwen cre ke si blan bezwen Haiti devlope li pa bezwen bal cob just mete secret sa andan yon liv epi bay li a lide politic yo pou younn nonm dane ki se 5 ane gade yo pou we sa cap fet, mwen cre ke yap toujou we neg sa yo ap couri fo bwi paske yo pap li paske yo considere tet yo kom nasyon ki pa konn li paske yo refuze aprann 26 let alfabet la, e 0-9 ki se point e mach a swiv pou tout nasyon progrese.

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Josy says...

We can influence the cosmos, and nature disasters are our doings.

The collective minds, or consciouness is very powerful and can cause nature to revolt against men. I personally believe the earthquake in Haiti was caused by Haitians, and unfortunately some good people perished.

You cannot do whatever you want down here, and turn your back on GOD. It is all in the bible, and we can read it. The evils done by our brothers, and sisters caused the earth to split open. You can read Revelation, and Matthew 24.

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