Haiti-Dominican Relations: Haitian consumers in Anse-a-Pitres fighting back with the money in their pocket.

Haitian authorities in Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti, refused to open the border with neighboring Pedernales, Dominican Republic, to allow access a bi-national market blocking the flow of Haitian money into Dominican pockets who desperately need it.

Haiti Road Signs - Belle Anse, Grand Gosier, Anse-a-Pitres

Residents, especially business owners in Pedernales, DR, realized how important doing business with Haitians consumers was after the mayor of the Dominican border town decided to shut down the bi-national market following an incident on Dominican side.

It's been at least one month since the border separating Anse-a-Pitres and it's Dominican border town, Pedernales, closed with all Haitians, with money in their pockets on the Haitian side, and Dominicans with goods to sell and no buyers on the Dominican side.

This of course created the worst economic crisis in the history of the Dominican city of Pedernales. After the massive departure of Haitians because of the threats of the Dominicans. Dominican merchants realized they cannot make money without the Haitians.

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Go figure... The Haitians continue to survive on their side even without the purchase of Dominican product.

According to news reports, Anse-à-Pitre mayor Harry Bruno refused to allow his compatriots to attend the market on the Dominican side, perhaps in an attempt to protect them.

Pedernales mayor Luis Manuel Féliz Matos and the Dominican merchants in need of these Haitian consumers were not happy Friday.

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Subject: Haiti-Dominican Relations: Haitian consumers in Anse-a-Pitres fighting back with the money in their pocket. edit

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