Haiti Community - The Haitian man wants to work but there's nothing to do

How many young Haitian men do you know in Haiti who wake up everyday with every desire to do something for a living but, everyday, find NOTHING to do? Meet Jean the Truck Driver...

PHOTO: Haiti Cartoon - Kisa w ap fe la?
PHOTO: Haiti Cartoon - Kisa w ap fe la?

KREYOL: Haiti Réflexion -- Nèg la vle travay, nèg la ka travay, men chak jou Bondye mete, li chita devan lakay li, li pa jjwen ANYEN pou l fè... Peyi Dayiti pa gen travay... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Jean, let's call him Jean, is a father of four. He is "Chofè Camion" (truck driver). Everyday Jean wakes up, he has no truck to drive and therefore brings no money home.

Everyday, he sit on the front porch of his house hoping a truck owner comes by and hire him for the day.

Jean says if only he could earn a few hundred gourdes everyday, guaranteed, he would be a happy man. Instead he is daydreaming about, leaving Haiti one day, go to another country, find a job, any job, to make money and send back home to his family.

What advice can you give to Jean in this case?

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Nèg la vlé travay nèg paka jwèn travay, menm jan nèg la jwen plizyè 25 goudes pa jou pou lal chyaté ak bouzen, masisi ak madivine sou Facebook chak jou: gadé pònografi chak jou sou Facebook, nèg la ka al sou ray port au prince lan poul kòmansé acheté yon pa yon tiwèl li, mato, bourèt, ak lòt zouti mété lakay li, menm sil pagen métyé pèp la ap bal yon chans poul jwen yon bagay poul fè kanmèm.

Ak bourèt la li ka van kan kalé, mayi boukannen, kokoyé wolé, poté ròche, sab, fè blòk etc. sé pou yo

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Pepe Jean says...

If you have nothing to do and do not how to drive a car, cook to work in restaurants, hotels or private homes, you should go to the plantations in the countryside to plant more mangos, coconut trees, bananas, pumpkins, watermelons, beans, peas, maniocs, potatoes, sugarcane, eggplants, soursoaps, tomatoes, lemons, grapefruits, guayava, apricots, avocados, corn, oranges, breadfruits, etc., to

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Pepe Jean says...

He should knock businessmen doors asking for driver jobs. Do not stay in front of your house porch, get out and talk to businessmen and they may help you with a taxi or a van. to

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Pepe Jean says...

Haitian people should learn to carpenter to make furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedrooms, living rooms, tables, coffee tables to export to the USA, Canada.

They should learn mason to build houses for sales.

They should find partners to create factories, jobs, to build houses for sales in every department in

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Pepe Jean says...

Haitian people should learn to drive so can rent a taxi or a bus to transport students to school, patients to hospitals and clinics, transport people to churches, markets, etc. Young Haitians could have a part time drivers jobs during the weekends or 4 hours a day and still go to school to learn a profession, if their parents have no money to take care of them. They should create after school programs from 4 to 8 PM for tutors to help students with their school work in every sector like Thurgeau, Bois Verna, Carrefour, Carrefour feuille.

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Shime Leroy says...

tout cote sous la terr dur ici au U S A gain de noune qui con passer on ban temps sans travail Haiti dur ce ca qui fais haitien gailler tout cote st domingue nassau bresil france mais vi yo changer un peu leu yo deplacer a part noune qui nan gouvernement 3/4 belle caille qui haiti ce diaspora qui bati yo gain noune le yo te ap viv haiti ce aterre yo de cinnin domi main connue a yo acheter 2 0u 3 caille ici on deplacer toujours bonmais debut

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