Haiti - British warship arrives in Cap-Haitien, 21-Gun salute creates panic in the city

Residents of Cap Haitien were in shock Sunday... A warship from the United Kingdom's Royal Navy, the HMS Iron Duke, arrived at the port of Cap Haitien in 23 November and some Haiti news media reported panic in the city after the warship fired a 21-gun salute as a military honor...

Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke Pays Visit To Haiti
Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke Pays Visit To Haiti

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti - Yon bateau de Guerre Anglais rive nan ville Cap-Haitien dimanche la, 23 Novanm 2014, yoo tire 21 kout canon pou yon salutation militaire epi sa-w tande a... panic total nan ville la... Kisa-w panse?

Le Nouvelliste writes: "some people thought it was the end of the world" according to witnesses...

Many of the citizen of the city of Cap-Haitien were not aware of the this visit from The Royal Navy frigate (warship) HMS Iron Duke; however, the Haiti Ministry of Defense was certainly aware. in fact they twitted about it.

Ministère Défense HT (@MDefenseHaiti) tweets:

"Royal Navy warship #HMSIronDuke to arrive in #Haiti today, on return from a 6-month deployment of the South Atlantic." (November 23, 2014)

The British Government, via the British Embassy in Port-au-Prince, released an article] on 21 Nov that, in in fact, the Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke was to arrive in Haiti on 23 November while on her return from a six-month deployment of the South Atlantic as part of "Promoting strong relations between the UK and The Republic of Haiti"

In the article, the British Govt said:

"It has been a long time since a Royal Navy Warship last visited Haiti and we will be firing a 21 gun salute when we arrive to mark the occasion."

I guess the people in Cap-Haitien didn't get the memo because the media made it look like it was a total surprise.

What do you think about that?

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Hebreuxstfleur Stfleur says...

I am happy the British enter the land of Anacaona St Fleur Family welcome you in haiti.

Hebreuxstfleur St

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Rose Vincent says...

we don't need them, this poor country we fight for it, don't let know body, don't let no army touch our

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Le Capois says...

Moi je pense qu'ils n'ont pas dévoilé la vraie raison.

Ils sont forcément venus faire quelque chose ou chercher quelqu'un. Malheureusement pour nous, nous avons des vaut-rien, des irresponsables qui nous dirigent, ce sont des incapables qui sont incapable de voir plus loin que le bout de leurs nez, et Dieu seul sait s'ils ne sont même pas

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Ritho Jean Louis says...

May I ask to whom this salutation when out to?

Do we have an Army in the North?

Those shots meaning something that is not reveal to the general public.

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Carlo Murad says...

There's not much to say at this point on because our former Senator "Yuri Latorture" clearly rectified for the nation today on "Scoop FM" the visit of the British Boat in Haiti.

Additionally, our media in Haiti concentrate more on gossiping instead of stimulate the real information to the

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Joseph says...

si se pou te fe. manifestasyon yo tout tap deja

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Sherlie says...

Mpa kont yo non si se te mwen mtap pè tou, toupatou se lagè,tande kout kanno sa yo ak rezon pou yo panike, yo te dwe fè mesaj la sikile nan zonn nan bouch a bouch avan nèg yo rive paske se pa tout moun ki gen

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