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My old Haitian father swears Haiti would be better off with the old Haitian Army Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH)

Les Forces Armees d'Haiti (FADH) "Sou lame, bagay sa yo patap pase" -- under the old Haitian army, these things would not be happening -- My old Haitian father said watching all the chaos happening in Haiti these days from a distance in the diaspora. more »

A Group of 50 Soldiers from the new Haitian Army just returned from training in Mexico

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti Following a special military training in Mexico, a group of 50 Soldiers from the new Haitian Army returned home Sunday, April 14, 2019. more »

"Banm Tit Mwen," Give me my Respect, a Haitian Rap Creole Military Soldier Man sings...

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti "I could've been a businessman but instead I chose to become a soldier in the Haitian Military. So, give me my respect (Banm Tit Mwen), a Haitian soldier sings in his new Rap Creole song. more »

The New Haitian Army is looking for a Few Good Men...

The Haitian Armed Forces Young Haitians between the age of 18 to 35, prepare to join the Haitian armed forces. The Miniter of Defence just announced it is recruiting... more »

PHOTO: Haiti - Ex-Military Men in the Streets of Port-au-Prince Friday

PHOTO: Haiti ex-Military in the Streets of Port-au-Prince Haiti radio Signal FM reports hundreds of ex military men from the old disbanded army, Les Forces Armee d'Haiti, occupied the streets of Port-au-Prince Friday... Many of these men are armed with all kinds of weapons, from handguns to bigger automatic weapons... more »

Haiti - British warship arrives in Cap-Haitien, 21-Gun salute creates panic in the city

Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke Pays Visit To Haiti Residents of Cap Haitien were in shock Sunday... A warship from the United Kingdom's Royal Navy, the HMS Iron Duke, arrived at the port of Cap Haitien in 23 November and some Haiti news media reported panic in the city after the warship fired a 21-gun salute as a military honor... more »