Haiti Bridge Collapses BECAUSE the bolts of the bridge were stolen...

Can you believe this? The reason the bridge collapsed in Route Neuf in the Port-au-Prince area Friday is BECAUSE the nuts and bolts of the bridge were stolen... Really... People stole the nuts and bolts holding the bridge together until it collapsed...

PHOTO : Haiti Bridge Collapse - Route Neuf Bridge in Port-au-Prince
PHOTO : Haiti Bridge Collapse - Route Neuf Bridge in Port-au-Prince

KREYOL: Haiti - Men REZON ki fè Pont Route neuf la tonbe ayè Vendredi a... YO Vòlè twòp VIS ak BOULON nan pon an... se sa kèk moun nan zone lan fè jounalis konnen... Kisa ou panse de sa???

One nearby resident told journalist this has been happening for a while, people have coming to the bridge at night stealing nuts and bolts from the bridge.

They complain that the government takes NO measures to protect our roads bridges...

People come in broad daylight, another resident said. Although they have alerted authorities, nothing was done about it.

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Why would someone stead nuts and bolts from a Bridge?

What do you think about that?

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Deann says...

Similar to America, theft with copper and metal stolen from stop lights, hospitals.

A bridge is going far when someone can be killed or injured.

There police must beef up and change there style.

They need to mock America's Police Academy and call it a

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Elizabeth Francois says...

Sou yo pou l ye to be pandan tap fe zak malonet la.kite Karma ye nan ka sa

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Sherlie says...

Ala ti pèp iresponsab mezanmi moun sa yo pa refleshi ditou?Se moun sa yo ki fè peyi pa ka vanse a

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John says...

Well Two reasons I can imagine ":THE NUTS and BOLTS

are Metal and they steal it to sale as Scrap Metal.


Nuts and Bolts ot may be 3/4 inch diameter
Can be used to built and secure so many thing, like Wood to wood frames ( charettes in Haiti ) Trailers ( trucks frame, , Steel frames etc > and are quite expensives.

A way for many to make a

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Carlos Miranda Levy says...

Querido Ricart,

Almost the same thing happened on one of the main bridges entering the city of Santo Domingo not long ago, I think less than a year. We - Dominicans - were doing the same thing, stealing steel from the bridge.

So, stop laughing, idiocy and misery affects us all the

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Ricart says...

Quick, deviate Haitian's attention from this problem by banning produces and chickens from the Dominican Republic.

ha ha

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Alexa Francois says...

Pou yo di travay la pat bien fett Ti pèp saa

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Maie says...

Pèp Sa pa gen rémèd! Yo fout tel man sote ou met bayo zèb yap mangel! Tank yo volè! Gen ou ban lote Ki gen bon tèt podiab yo, pasé lot diab arousa lavalasse kk empeché moun viv! divalié ki t Kon boute

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Elizabeth Francois says...

Premier fwa m tande yon irréaliste tris konsa.

sa fe la peine pou yon produit genre de moun sa yo.San konsyans, San karakte, san patriotisme, San anyin nan yo ko m pep.épi pa vinn di m se problem ki fe yon moun koz yon aktyion malonet kon

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