Haiti ban on Dominican products creates tensions Belladere

PHOTO: Haiti - Restoration ancienne Caserne de Belladere (ancienne Douane la tou)
The Haiti ban on the entry of 23 Dominican products from crossing the border overland is beginning to create tensions in the Haitian border town of Belladere...

The city mayor of Belladere, agent exécutif intérimaire Carter Fourrien, told Haitian Radio Signal FM Friday that there tension is rising because small business men and women who rely solely on the bi-national commerce cannot go through Haitian customs with products they are accustomed to buying everyday.

The city of Belladere rely heavily on the products coming from the border for consumption, the mayor says, now they can't even cross the border with a bottle of water.

He Explain that there are mayor importers of Cement on the Haitian side of the border and, since October 1st, Ciment is non longer cleared through (dédouaner) customs (La Douane)

While tension is rising among those who want to cross the border to purchase merchandise, authorities in the border claim they are just executing an order.

Mayor Carter Fourrien also mentioned unconfirmed reports that big businessmen on the Dominican Side of the border are trying to influence Haitian 'ti Machanns' and inciting violence.

"Yo menm k'ap rele machann yo pou moute tet yo, he said. (they are calling the ti machanns feeding their anger)

"Some ti machanns even said they are ready to burn down customs," Mayor Fourrien said. "I am trying to calm them down."

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Joule We have to create other opportunities. We can't simply say no without providing other options. Remember, this is probably these people bread and... see more
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Shilove Neston Nou sipoze pou gen chanjman Sitou avèk pouvwa an plas kap fè yon bon travay
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