Haiti Ambassador Raymond Joseph Speaks Out

I received a copy of an email sent out by Haitian Ambassador Raymond Joseph in regards to the ABC News article "Child Slavery in Haiti".

Raymond Joseph, Ambassador Of Haiti
Raymond Joseph, Ambassador Of Haiti

Read the Haitian Ambassador's reply here:
Haiti Ambassador Response To Slavery In Haiti

Ambassador Raymond Joseph says:

"It seems that the originator of this information is reviving an old story that I debunked. Dan Harris never completed the deal."

I have to admit that the article published on ABC news is dated July 8, 2008 however it was news to me earlier this month. Let me make it clear to you that I am not a reporter, the purpose of the Haitian Internet newsletter is to let you know what is circulating on the Internet.

Ambassador Raymond Joseph's email is dated January 4, 2009 and it was forwarded to me by my one of my readers.

In regard the issue of "Restaveks" in Haiti, Ambassador Raymond Joseph says:

"Even the little slave girl that Dan Harris helped to save was not a 'slave' in the real sense of the term."

Here is the definition of slavery from Wikipedia:

"Slavery is a social-economic system under which certain persons, known as slaves, are deprived of personal freedom and compelled to work."

Is a RESTAVEK a slave?

According to the ambassador, it is not.

Feel free to read Ambassador Raymond Joseph's response in full and you can bring your own judgment.

Ambassador Raymond Joseph also said:

"I hope you also saw my response to ABC's Dan Harris, because ABC did post it on the net also. You should also provide my response which clarifies the matter, I believe"

I have not been able to find that response on ABC's site, perhaps someone from the Ambassador's staff can reply to this article and provide us with the URL...

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Michael Grigas says...

Bonjou, Msr Ambassador- mesi beaucoup pour interview avek PBS sobre 'bagay-la' e 'depuisment(?).

C'est MAGNIFIQUE, l'histoire e vie aujord'hui Aiyitienne.

J'etude l'histoire we universitete e konnen Aiyiti we livre e ami(NY e seminaire)- Read "Le Chouket Lawoze"- story of people trying to move fwd but can't escape past-"Depi nan Ginen, neg rayi neg." L'espirits du Papa e Baby Doc still 'haunt' pays. Pardonne, mwen tiKreyol konnen! Grace pour ou time. Respe! Michael

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Napveyeyo says...


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Karen Hemerick says...

I have heard ambassador several times on CNN. When asked about the orphanage population, he claims he doesn't know how many orphanages there are or how many orphans.

What is he doing to expedite the adoption process for these children?

Haitian community should hold him

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

I read the book, but WE, Haitians have to do what is right for our motherland.

Remember Mr. Rangel Charles B. is a Politician.

He thinks, walks, talks like one. I can not call him my friend, but I met him before.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Yes, sister Yvette, Ginoue, Konfrere Pierre Guerrier and those of Solidarity International.

You are right!
It is true that many Haitians until now continue unconsciously this double standard.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Dear sister Rete-avèk is Slavery.

Slave :one bond in soumission to a person or house as an instrument of labor.

Like Neo-liberalism.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Konfwè mwen, pa ken anyen mwen ka ajoute nan sa wou di la yo. Yon sèl bagay Ambassadè ya se pakèt li la pe fè pou lale, Li te chita kont li nan opozision depi 1957 à 2005 koulie-a se wekonpans li lape jwi. An nou wè si na sove peyi

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Mireille De Bordes Jean-marie says...

We must agree with the Ambassador Raymond Joseph that all newspaper print out must be factual.

However, the practice of 'Restavek' or name calling for individuals who have difficulty making ends meet is wrong.

Finding it difficult to obtain basic needs to survive does not diminish a human being nor make them a 'Restavek'.

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Yvette says...

It is shameful that the government of Haiti still allow this stuff to happen.

Mr. Joseph please don't make excuses or try to give it a new definition it is down right slavery.

These beautiful children are the future of Haiti.

When will we get ourselves

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Ginoue says...

Well guess what?

they are the same thing.

RESTAVEk and slave.

Your job is not to say that they are not the same thing, Ok, your job is to stop it, OMG why can't you do your

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