I live in Haiti, a 72 inch flat screen TV is not a necessity!

I paid so much money to carefully pack my big screen TV and ship it to Haiti when I was moving there. But when I arrived, I realized that my flat screen TV was more of a "bibelot" and anything else.

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti?

What is a bibelot?

HAitians call it "biblo", You know those little decorative ornament that Haitians like to place in their living rooms. It's there for show and it does not serve any other purpose.

Why would by big screen TV become a bibelot in Haiti?

You can only use a big sreen TV in Haiti when there is electricity. Most of the time there is no electricity where I live and using a big screen TV on backup power, for those of us who can afford it, it quickly drains the batteries.

Solution: I purchased a 22 inch TV. Problem solved.

Now I can use my TV all day long, electricity or backup power.

Now my big screen TV, my bibelot is in a storage room with everything else that I though I needed to live a happy life in my beloved country but found out later, none of them are a necessity, only things we think we really need.

You see, sometimes bigger is NOT better! Sometimes, the things can't live without are not even that important.

Food for thought.

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Subject: I live in Haiti, a 72 inch flat screen TV is not a necessity! edit

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