Gratitude : How important is it for you to bend down and pickup a piece of paper?

Do you take the time to be thankful just for being able to pick yourself up literally after you fall on the ground? Maybe reading this will change your mind...

Gratitude - Be thankful for everything
Gratitude - Be thankful for everything

Sometimes we take for granted the little things, simple things you think are not that important just because you get up and do it so automatically that it is of no meaning be thankful for.

And then you wake up one day, and you see an young man fighting just to pick up a piece of paper from the ground just because, months ago, he had a stroke.

Then you realize... Wow... Walking is a good thing. To bend down and pick up a meaningless piece of paper on the floor is a wonderful blessing because there are others who can't even do that.

Until you get the car of your dreams, the house that you always wanted, take a minute to say thank you to whoever it is you believe in just because you woke up today, you picked yourself up from the bed and took the first step toward the rest of your day.

This is more important than whatever it is you think you have to do today.

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Gratitude says...

Prenez-vous le temps d'être reconnaissant juste d'avoir pu vous relever littéralement après être tombé par terre?

Peut-être que lire ceci vous changera d'avis ...

Parfois, nous tenons pour acquises les petites choses, les choses simples que vous pensez ne sont pas si importantes simplement parce que vous vous levez et le faites si automatiquement que cela n'a aucun sens d'être reconnaissant.

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Subject: Gratitude : How important is it for you to bend down and pickup a piece of paper? edit

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