FLASH: Haiti Border - Lots of Dominican Soldiers spotted on the Dominican Border with Haiti

Haiti-Dominican Border Update - There was a lot of Dominican soldiers spotted on the Dominican side of the border between Elias Pina, DR and Belladere Haiti Tuesday... In all the check points leading away from the border, at least a half dozen soldiers were present...

PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers
PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers

KREYOL: Haiti Frontière :: Te geynen ANPIL soldats Dominicain sou frontière Elias Pina ak Belladère la ayè Mardi a... depi soti nan douane dominicain an pase nan tou checkeo yo, anpil soldats... Nou pa konnen poukisa me yo te vreman anpil??? Kisa ou panse de sa???

Dominican soldier were also seen marching in on the roads and into the customs fully armed...

One of of the customs agents we spoke told us the Dominican army is simply training its new recruits and that it's nothing to worry about...

Some say it's the Dominican Republic reinforcing its borders with Haiti in light of what might happen next week when president Priver'ts mandate come to an end... Read more @ BelPolitik.com

What do you think about that?

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Ricart says...

Sure Wilkelson Jeudy, go ahead and buy your food from other countries other than the DR. I'm certain the Haitian state and merchants have plenty of money to pay extra for the common costs of importing (Tariffs and Import Fees for example).

Your comment is indicative of why Haiti is the poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere; Haitians think and act on impulse, facts and logic escape their

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Wilkelson Jeudy says...

Haiti need to stop bay the food and other thing from Dominican Republic.

look on other country to bay what we

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Subject: FLASH: Haiti Border - Lots of Dominican Soldiers spotted on the Dominican Border with Haiti edit

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