Marriott To Build First Hotel In Haiti

Haiti is open for business, Marriott heard, Marriot will open their first hotel in Haiti in 2014. Is this good news or is this good news?

"Build It" said our Haitian Associates -- an Historic Announcement... This is the title of the blog post announcing the the news on Bill Mariott's blog... here is a clip...

"One of the best things Marriott can do to improve the lives of people and communities around the world is to open up a brand new hotel. Right away we create hundreds of new jobs, provide skill training and help improve the environment for doing business.

That's why I'm so very proud to announce that Marriott will open a hotel in Haiti. It will be the first hotel in Haiti since the earthquake and the first international hotel to be located there. When we open our doors, it will signal that Haiti is also open for business...

The 173-room Marriott hotel is scheduled to open doors to "a world of opportunity" for the people of Haiti. I know our Haitian associates in Florida are excited to train the new workers and get the hotel launched in 2014.

This is an historic moment for Marriott and for Haiti. Our associates deserve the credit. They urged us to "build it," and WE ARE. Their spirit would not let us walk away.

I'm going to ask you the same question that Bill Marriott asked...

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about our move into Haiti. Would you travel there?

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Gesner Nicolas says...

I would like to make a reservation
on that mariott in Haiti
but I couldn't find no

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Lherisson Domond says...

indead this is a great idea..

I will use this hotel when I come to haiti..I am a memeber of the marriott hotel.

Haiti is my country.

We need other hotels and this maginitued not only Port-au-Pr but also in Es Les Cayes, Cap-Hitien, jacmel or Geremie

I am

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Ronald Trenard says...

I just love to read such good news.When that happens Haiti will really be opened to entrepreneurs.

We want our Contry to go forwards.

I will be the first to go there to bring my entire

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David Grant says...

This is a very good idea. An international hotel in Haiti is the way to go. A lot of other countries in the caribbean have their economy dependinding solelely in tourism and agriculture; why not beautiful Haiti.

Haiti has much more to offer in lieu of tourismm than many of them. I have always wondered why Haiti does not capitalized on tourism.

Haiti should be advertized as a tourism destination; our carnival, our premiere festival should be advertized worldwide and be made a tourist attraction.

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Kenold Pierre says...

I worked for the company for 7 years in Maryland and Florida as food production supervisor - manager, Q.C.T that means Quality certify trainer, Also specialty chef .I don't mine helping with the training .now we have the necessity to open good intl cooking school in

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Marie Chery Septimus says...

i like the idea, this is good news for haiti.

that will create a lotof jobs for the haitian people.

thank you marriott.

haiti deserves

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Kenol Aris says...

This a very good news for our country.

I hope that many other businesses will follow.

We need that so desperately.Our beloved Haiti deserved that.
Thank you very Marriott

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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

It's time for Marriott to fly to Haiti and
stay there until the trumpet sounds.

we have plan to open "Tourist Industry" in a
near future.

So, it is a good idea. May
God continue to bless Marriott and its sataff
from now on and ever more.
Calixte Guerrier, former Presidential candidate for

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Richelet says...

Ooooo yeah...

that is exactly what I called a good news!!!
I'm glad to hear that Marriott gonna build that Hotel in Haiti.

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Doudy says...

It's a good news and very interesting.

if Marriott build a hotel in haiti that's gonna help the population at least Marriott can hired 50 people.

marriott will help in avancement of haiti.

Lakay ta bel sil te gen structure.

Et mwen ta swete lot yo gen projet pou haiti tout, tankou walmart men fok securite a

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